Las Vegas Revenue Quiz

What do you think each game makes?

Who doesn’t love Vegas? Whether you’re going for the luxury hotel resorts or just to enjoy the sights, it’s a terrific city with plenty to offer.

It also has a tremendous number of casinos, which is probably the major tourist draw. Since 1931, Las Vegas has been a bit of a gambling paradise with people flocking from across the globe to get a taste of the glitz, glamour and gambling that goes on in the Entertainment Capital of the World.

But with recent advances in gambling legislation and the advent of the internet, Vegas now has a ton of competitors in what was once its monopoly. If you’re after the high-profile integrated resorts you can fly over to Macau or Singapore, or even just other cities in the US. If you just want to play some games, online casinos like Paddy Power Casino are always available and a bit cheaper to get to. Of course, there is still something to be said for the Vegas experience… but how many players think that’s enough to get them through the door?

Well, it turns out quite a few. We’ve had a look at the data collected by the Nevada Gaming Board and thought that a test was in order. How well do you think each game performs in terms of revenue for Vegas? Take this quiz and see if you’re right!


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