One of most popular casino card games, Blackjack is a game that offers the player an opportunity to use his or her chances as well as elements of skills to win. One must not confuse the casino card game with the British card game.

Blackjack had its origin in 1700 in various French casinos and was earlier called vingt-et-un ("twenty-one").It, however, did not find favor with the Americans in initial years before various casinos and gambling houses started offering special incentives and bonuses on payouts to attract more and more players to this wonderful game.

For example, if a player had opted for 10-to-1 payout and his hand comprised of the ace of spades and a black jack, he would get a blackjack bonus. But now as the game is played, it is not mandatory to contain a jack or black cards as was done originally.

Blackjack is an absorbing and skillful game where the hand with the largest number of total wins should not exceed 21 as beyond that it goes bust.Other cards - from 2 to 10 have normal face value while face cards like jack, queen and king are valued at 10.Value of an ace is 11 and the hand in which ace has 11 as its value, it is called a soft hand.

It is the skill of a player to beat his opponents by going for a higher, unbusted hand. And interestingly, one who busts is a loser. In case both the player and the dealer have the same card value, it is termed a push and none of them wins. Each player has a game and chance to beat other players.

The minimum bet or stakes inblackjack game varies from casino to casino. Before the dealer deals the cards, bets are placed on the table. The American version of Blackjack is slightly different from this original version of the game.

In online blackjack games, there is a computerized dealer thatdealts with one or two cards depending upon the rules of the casino and each player is dealt with two cards in his or her box. Players cards are dealt up face up. Here the skill starts. Depending upon the face up cards, a player gets two choices either to go for a hit and get another card to add to his face up cards or stand meaning to pass on the turn to the next box.

In most of online casinos you can play up to five boxes.Because of its popularity worldwide, there are different variations of the game available in different casinos in different parts of the world.  







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