What is a Blackjack Freeroll?

When people think of freerolls, they usually think of poker freerolls. However, did you know there are blackjack freerolls as well? In fact, some sites offering online casino games hold freerolls for blackjack in order to encourage play on their site, just like they do for poker.

How Do Blackjack Freerolls Work?

An online blackjack freeroll will come in the form of a tournament. This may be a simple “whoever wins the most money in the number of hands allotted” type of tournament, or it may be an “elimination” blackjack tournament, with the players doing the worst periodically dropping out of the competition. Either way, the players who finish with the most money will receive pre-determined cash prizes.

Are Blackjack Freerolls Worth It?

Since they cost you nothing to play and award real cash prizes, there’s no reason not to participate, unless you are concerned about the time investment involved. These freerolls will give you good practice playing blackjack and understanding blackjack tournaments.

What Is the Strategy for Blackjack Freerolls?

As with any blackjack tournament, your strategy involves remembering that you are playing against other players, not the House. Your goal should be to size your bets so that you will stay ahead of the competition. Keep in mind that in most cases, most players will end up with the same result on a given hand, so your strategy should shift so that if everyone wins or loses, you will benefit.

Where Can You Find Blackjack Freerolls?

Any online casino site that offers blackjack may offer blackjack freerolls. Go to the main menu of your favorite casino site and look for upcoming news or events to see if any blackjack freerolls will be opening up soon.





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